Welcome To Sharing Spree’s Blog!

How Sharing Spree Works


Sign up to receive the daily deal for your city/region


A new email will arrive in your inbox Monday through Friday providing all the details of a local business offering you great discounts! Or you can visit the site everyday to see the deal of the day.


If you like shopping – but LOVE saving, then this is for you.  Everyday we will feature a local business that will provide you substantial savings over any other offer you may find.  You get the satisfaction of getting a great deal AND helping give back to the local community.

AND, Sharing Spree comes with a guarantee that if the minimum number of deals isn’t met, you will not be charged.

Buying through us is the best way to save BIG!  Sign up today to start getting your Sharing Spree deal of the day delivered to you.


You can easily share the deal with your friends!  When you share the deal with them and they buy it, you will receive a discount on your next Sharing Spree purchase.


Every deal you purchase benefits a local charity.  You have the option to select a specific charity within your profile to ensure that they receive credit for every purchase that you make.  This is a great way to support your local school or a cause that you love.

For the Merchant:

We feature your daily offer to thousands of subscribers each day.  Getting customers to your door couldn’t be easier. And the cost to you is $0 – in fact, we pay you!

You provide us with the details, the images and a little information about your company and we create your custom Sharing Spree deal.  We then send that out to every subscriber in your area.  We’ll provide you with the details of every deal that is purchased to track the success of the campaign.

Sign up to get your business involved and a Sharing Spree representative will contact you on how to get your company’s daily deal started.

For the Non-Profit:

Do you want your non-profit organization to increase donations and fundraising efforts?  Sharing Spree has the easiest solution to assist your cause!

Sign up and we provide you the tools to inform your members of the substantial savings through our group buying program.  A percentage of your members’ purchases are returned to your non-profit organization.

Sharing Spree is focused on promoting great causes and providing them with a fundraising platform that their members can feel good about donating to – all while saving money on the things they would already use.

It’s the Sharing Spree way to help a great cause. So sign up today!


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